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Architects Fees

We are transparent about our services, standard charge out rates and fees from the outset of your project. We also tailor our fees for the amount of involvement that you need us to have in your project.


Our fees are calculated using a standard methodology as recommended by the Royal Institute of British Architects and are based on the service we are providing.


The Architects Fees for the project are effected by:

  • The Size and Value of the project.

  • Project Complexity Level

  • The time we need to allocate to your project

  • The risk level of the project

Your Investment in the right Professionals

Your project may be one of the biggest Investments that you make in your life or in Business.

It is imperative that you appoint the right professionals to the project that keep your investment safe and ensure the best possible results are managed to be achieved on the project.

Being a Chartered Architects Practice with the Royal Institute of British Architects ensures that you can expect a premium level of service and design from us on your project. 


Architects Chartered to this level are widely considered The Gold Standard in the profession that you can appoint to your project.

Hirst Architects Ltd works by your side to get you the best, highest quality results possible with our services.

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